Meet LOCA, a plant-based cheese sauce

Meet LOCA, one of our latest additions to the Rose Culinary CPG portfolio.


Founder: Lauren Joyner

HQ: San Francisco, California

Consumers are demanding higher quality & better-for-you plant-based alternatives in every animal-based category, and dairy is a staple in our diets.

While there has been progress and innovation in plant-based products, many fall short with regard to their ingredients. Many plant-based products do not provide better-for-YOU alternatives… they provide better-for-the-COW alternatives.

We believe plant-based products should prioritize consumer health, nutrition, and taste over everything, yet they don’t in most cases. We feel strongly that simple whole ingredients will win at the end of the day.

LOCA doesn’t make you compromise between taste and health. The product is made from real vegetables (potatoes, carrots, peppers, etc), tons of nutrients, no artificial flavors or colors, and no allergens. It’s Plant-based, dairy-free, and crazy delicious.

LOCA is also a pure-play in the category, and they are laser-focused on creating the best plant-based cheese sauce in the market.

The category is very large, and cheese is a staple in the American household. The average American ate just over 14 pounds of cheese in 1975 according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and that number increased to 38 pounds in 2018 (source).

Plant-based formulations are complex, therefore defensible, and hard for small businesses and chains to replicate. This presents an interesting B2B sales opportunity at stadiums, tex-mex chains, and other venues looking for a plant-based melted cheese option.

We’re excited to be along for the ride and can’t wait to see what Lauren & the team at LOCA continue to build.

Further reading: Dairy-Free Cheese Products See Uptick In Consumer Investor Interest” via Forbes.

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Stage agnostic venture fund investing in restaurants, food technology, and CPG. Portfolio: @drinkmudwtr @goodeggs @sparkgrills @SmittenIceCream @Sightglass

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Rose Culinary

Rose Culinary

Stage agnostic venture fund investing in restaurants, food technology, and CPG. Portfolio: @drinkmudwtr @goodeggs @sparkgrills @SmittenIceCream @Sightglass

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